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At the moment, we exist in a context of social, economic, organisational and personal exploitation and fear. Traditional bonds of trust are broken – seemingly beyond repair – and commercial, social and ethical intelligence is in free-fall and may have disappeared. There is a clear need for uplift; for regeneration at the level of values and ethics, as well as in social protocols and business models.It will not be sufficient for the world to return to its pre- recessionary / credit crunch state. New manifestations of motivation, values, mindsets and behaviour are necessary to take advantage of the deep discontinuity that we have created. To do this, we have to forge a way forward that will create a new legacy in what business is done and how it is conducted.



Praise for Regeneration and Co-Creation: Changing Change:’A really interesting work… with all sorts of insights into organisational dynamics’. Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director, Forum for the Future

‘A powerful book that captures what I have tried to achieve as a leader of management teams throughout my career’. Robert Leechman, Chief Customer & Commercial Officer, The Coca-Cola Company

‘Beautifully written and sets out the challenge in a gentle but confronting way’. Robin Coates, Independent Consultant

‘When people talk about the “end of the world as we know it” in terms of the global economic crisis, this book provides insights and clues to personal and organisational regeneration which will be vital for all of us’ Ed Smith, Chair of WWF-UK

‘Absolutely excellent – so well expressed… he recognises patterns and how to break them; behavioural change, which is difficult’. Anne Fergusson, Director, Turnaround Panel, PwC


Regeneration & Co-Creation: an optimistic, practical antidote to commercial, social and ethical degeneration.



Changing Change


Hardback £45.00
Published February 2008; 162 pages
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Keith presents how to create and lead a perpetually innovative organisation, always slightly ahead of its time. Any group of people who band together with common purpose can and should continuously regenerate – here’s how to do it and why.Figure_Running

Keith brings decades of wisdom to the here and now of cataclysmic change. He has been an advisor in the field of Individual, Organisational and Strategy development for over thirty years. A principal partner in Core Context Consulting, he has worked with high profile clients all over the world, tending to have long-term engagements, moving in and out of a handful of organisations over long periods of time. He helps consultants and organisations regenerate themselves, and coaches key individuals to become the best leaders they can be.

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‘An enlightened and thorough attempt to explain what complex organisational change really involves… beautifully written… strongly recommended’. Rodney Gray, Strategic Communication Management, February / March 2009‘The insight that it takes just one dialogue sometimes to transform companies, is real’.

Warwick White, MD, Australasia, Coca-Cola Amatil