Karen is a professional artist, living near the Herefordshire / Gloucestershire border, and currently exercising her talent in a number of areas. Painting to commission and working on creative projects with Core Context Consulting have kept her busy, alongside raising her young daughter.
Having achieved a BA in English and Sociology with First Class Honours, her passion for art was fuelled by covering art auctions as editorial assistant on the weekly Antiques Magazine. Her determination to work more directly in the art world was rewarded with a job as studio manager for a leading contemporary artist. Following this, she managed a prestigious retail gallery in Cheltenham for a number of years before taking the opportunity to pursue her own artistic path.


Karen Mortimore

Karen was the artist for images and design of Keith Humphrey’s book Regeneration & Co-Creation: Changing Change and she is often present to graphically record and enhance many of Core Context’s leadership events, with clients around the world.
Karen loves to work to commission and co-create work – listening to people and synthesising patterns of thought is one of her main skills. Currently, she is also co-founding an art publishing firm to enable her own work and that of other talented British artists to have a wider influence on how people experience the world.
“My interests and passion lie in expressing inner meaning in the external world. Using an eclectic choice of media, I love bringing ideas to vibrant life.”