Assisting organisations – and the individuals who lead them – to re-evaluate themselves before exercising their right to make choices, change direction and move on, lies at the heart of Keith’s work. For the last 25 years, he has worked with Boards, Chief Executives and Directors, formulating business strategies, designing culture change initiatives and consulting on organisational change. Throughout this time, he has helped organisations and their leaders to shape their own destinies – providing insight and foresight, designing interventions and programmes that invigorate and motivate individuals, teams and organisations to maximize their potential.
Keith’s work also includes Board-level coaching and counselling, Board and top-team development, working with intact work groups and virtual teams to ensure group and organisational success. Client assignments include working on business strategy, leadership behaviour, franchiser/franchisee relationships and executive team developments in the Coca-Cola Company; helping PwC towards a more relationship-based market offering, as well as enabling the firm to redesign its partnership processes and structures; and designing and leading programmes for the development of high potential individuals within PwC in Europe and in the emerging markets. Currently, he is designing, developing and facilitating the Global Leadership Programme for Royal Dutch Shell and the Values Driven Leadership programme for the senior executive group of HSBC.


Keith Humphrey

Emerging from the current financial crisis and the ensuing social and political disruption, Keith has developed a clear, teachable point of view of how organisations and their leaders need to and can regenerate themselves by building high value, trust based relationships with their key stakeholders. Keith brings innovation, creativity and thought leadership to all his interventions.
A founder and director of Core Context Consulting, he has worked in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America with large multinational organisations and professional services firms. Many of the ideas underpinning Keith’s work can be found in his book, Regeneration & Co-Creation: Changing Change (published February 2008), and the follow-up book Co-Creation & Innovation, which is due out in Autumn 2011.