Rob is somewhat of a specialist consultant in the field of business relationships. From developing the required skills, to strategic shifts in relationship development, Rob’s focus is on helping individuals extend and reach their potential, thus helping drive organisations forward.
Working as facilitator, coach, trusted advisor or consultant, Rob’s approach is to help diagnose, design and deliver interventions that bring about a raised awareness and challenge people to make sustainable shifts in behaviour and, ultimately, performance and outcomes.
As a coach, Rob is accredited by Performance Consultants. He is also qualified in the use of various psychological tools such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Torbert Leadership Development Framework.
Working in the UK and worldwide with a wide range of blue-chip clients in industries as diverse as chocolate and oil and gas, all connects back to Rob’s early career in LloydsTSB where his focus shifted from operational management roles to Learning & Development as a result of a growing interest in leadership and the human aspects of business. Subsequent work with leading consultancies has led to Rob’s current role in Core Context Consulting.

Rob Mugglestone

Clients include Coca Cola, HSBC, PwC, BG, European Central Bank, Cadbury’s and Cadbury Wedel. Rob also runs Putney Coaching, a small 1:1 coaching firm, to work with people outside of the blue-chip corporate environment in order to offer his services and skills to a wider audience.
Outside of work, Rob has recently become an accredited breeder and raised a litter of pedigree Welsh Terrier puppies, holds a National B Motorsport race licence, and is currently in training for the London Duathlon in September. Travel, both for work and leisure, is a passion for Rob and his family.WebHeader_1100x200