Zana’s focus is on bringing about and supporting change and transformation which achieve organisational, team and individual success.
Having initially trained as a lawyer, she worked in publishing sales before training in relationship counselling and organisational consulting. She has a Masters in Change Agent Skills and Strategy from Surrey University and has extensively studied a wide variety of developmental models. Zana currently works as a coach to business leaders, is an experienced group facilitator and Organisational Development consultant.
Zana combines outstanding intuition and feeling sensitivity with excellent communication and relating skills to facilitate in-depth exploration of required change. She integrates traditional models of business thinking with the many current therapeutic models of change and systems thinking. Working with breakthrough models that link strategic and structural change with personal and cultural change is an underpinning approach to her work. Throughout, Zana aims to enable individuals and teams to create high regard for their professional and creative skills; so establishing models of high performance.


Zana Duthie

Zana delivers programmes which stimulate and encourage individuals to explore and live out their values through their chosen careers. She achieves significant results which ensure that her clients often engage with her in long term business partnerships.
The coaching focus is on personal mastery to enable authentic leadership in all aspects of an individual’s life. The coaching aim is to bring about increased awareness of behaviours, beliefs and values and explore different approaches which will result in improved performance and understanding.
Zana works across many countries in a variety of different industries and has the ability to embrace diversity and the complexities of todays global organisations.
Her client portfolio includes HSBC, PwC, Aon Insurance, LeadingWorks, Shell and Schering Health Care.final_r2_c2