Core Context Consulting works with organisations, as trusted business advisers. Our goal is simple – we help organisations to become exceptional. Our commitment is to move clients on from existing change agendas, helping leaders to fulfil their legacies by successfully embedding regenerative change within their organisation.
The sum of our experience to date reinforces our passion for shifting fundamental perceptions, before helping to build self-governing, self-regenerative and self-aware organisations – organisations which stand out as benchmarks for innovation. Instead of selling our clients ‘solutions’, we supply them with new perspectives, enabling them to communicate with each other in ways which encourage them to become more productive than ever before. The first, most crucial, stage in this process involves establishing forums where people can ask themselves who they are, what they aspire to and what they do, as well as questioning how and why they need to change.
We handle assignments worldwide and, where necessary, we partner with our network of international associate firms to achieve global results. We lead and facilitate large-system strategic and cultural change programmes for multinational organisations – including helping these clients to move from being transactional to relational-based businesses, as well as designing and running leading-edge individual development programmes.
In more conventional language, these are the services we offer:

  • Strategic advice
  • Development of innovative strategic processes
  • Culture change programmes
  • Organisational designs
  • Approaches for building client relationships and partnerships
  • Facilitation of business meetings
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Team Effectiveness

Highlights from our current projects…


What We Do

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The successful process of co-creation that flows from this linkage between individual motivation and organisational aspiration drives the business forward, providing a stable platform for transformation, by keeping all stakeholders in touch with the deep-structure values and legacies underpinning their environment.
We also help individuals and organisations to enhance the ways in which they meet their stakeholders’ needs. We do this by helping our clients to rethink the ways in which they acquire knowledge, change mindsets, behaviours and motivations, and break the personal and organisational default behaviours (or ’blocks to the performance’) which are so often reverted to, when pressure looms.
These are all standard change consultancy services, but we have a different way of approaching and delivering them – and a different way of describing them. Our intention is that we should, from the outset, coax and goad organisations and their leaders into questioning the meaning of change; preparing them to think more deeply about how they could, and should, be doing things differently.